Study Abroad Magazine

"Study Abroad International Monthly Magazine".The noble idea of quality education for college and university students was conceived in 1995 in consultation with known global and domestic education organizations. The British Council played commendable role in the whole process. Resultantly the Study Abroad Magazine was established and its first publication entitled “Monthly Study Abroad International” was published on 1st September 2003. Since then it is being regularly published and has earned credibility and trust at home and abroad. Till today over 100 domestic and foreign universities, from LUMS (Pakistan) to University of London have advertised in this publication. Over 3000 articles, contributed by educationists, scholars and organizations have been published till date. Our main objective is to disseminate authentic information and awareness about education therefore; the magazine resorted to organize education exhibitions also. We made the information open and easily accessible to the needy population that was usually kept concealed by design. We have never sought any financial assistance from the government or NGOs. Pakistan is basically a rural based agrarian and partly industrialized society. Our Second level cities comprising 79% of total population have maximum potential students for higher and vocational education. During 2005 we carried out research and concluded that if awareness reaches the said cities it will tremendously help the nation, the talented students and accredited education institutions at home and abroad. We shared the idea with known concerned organizations who rejected the idea, considering it commercially unviable. However, we took the initiative and organized first exhibition in second level cities in 2005.